Welcome to my gallery. My work has been on display at many solo and group exhibitions in England and Germany. It is held in private collections in both countries and beyond. One of my paintings is a permanent feature at a museum in a London Borough.

From time to time I shall be adding new works to the various categories. So please come back whenever you are ready. Better still press the follow button to be notified of new releases.

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still life by Pat Harrison
Still Life

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My paintings in oils or acrylics are based on my observations of nature. I am always fascinated by the wonderful colours throughout the seasons with varying light conditions presenting themselves each day. I often paint from photos when time on location is short but I also enjoy working en plein air.

Some of the paintings on this site represent imaginary compositions created from memory. However, when painting from photographs I usually develop a composition based on the teachings of the old masters to generate a lifelike image. Without striving for a photorealistic result I work in multiple layers to achieve the desired effects.

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